When to Repair Your Drywall Tools

If a poor craftsman blames their tools, what does a good craftsman do? Looking after your taping and finishing tools is a good way to keep your work looking its best while also getting it done in a timely manner. Caring for your tools includes proper use, safe storage, frequent cleaning, and repair for damaged or worn parts. 

How do you know if your tools are ready for repair? Here’s a couple things to look out for:

Look for Signs of Wear

  1. Look for signs of wear

Your tools may need repair if notice your this about your tools’ performance:

  • Tools aren’t performing efficiently 
  • Tools aren’t performing smoothly
  • You’re noticing more mistakes after use of regular technique
  • You’re getting lower quality results than normal

Look for Signs of Damage

  1. Look for these signs of damage

Your tools may need repair if you notice your tools have:

  • Misalignments 
  • Loose parts
  • Uneven, unlevelled blades

If you do see any of these signs, book an appointment with our repair shop and get your tools back in tip-top shape. Unsure of these signs in your own tools or wondering if they’re too far gone and need replacing? Ask our repair specialist! 


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