3WAY Inside Corners

Think back to a time you struggled to finish on a 3-way corner - reaching uncomfortably into a corner all for inconsistent angles, long dry times, more sanding, and cracks. Finishing where the ceiling and 2 walls meet is time consuming and tricky with hand tools and machines alone. For the contractor this means a loss in revenue and for the DIYer, losing more of what is already a short weekend; Thats’s where 3WAY comes in.

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Drywall and painting specialist Royce and business, design, and manufacturing expert Steven created 3WAY to solve a problem the drywall community faces often: 3-way drywall inside corners. Together they came up with an adjustable 90º paper corner angle that installs quickly and easily with drywall compound.

3WAY Sheet

These Drywall Corner Prefabricated 3 Way Corners feature:

  • An adjustable 90º corner angle 
  • Reinforced backing 
  • Bevelled edges
  • Perforated edges

The adjustable angle is perfect for less than perfect framing and the reinforced backing ensures drywall board defects aren’t an issue. The bevelled edges blend into tape and the perforated edges bond to the drywall with ease. 

Watch how efficient installing a 3WAY corner is in this close up install video: 

Today they are sold in packs of 10 and 25, but there are plans for a 5 pack made with the DIYer in mind. The new pack, available in a few weeks, has the right amount of Prefabricated 3 Way Corners for a room with 4 corners plus 1 extra for any mistakes made during the learning process.

3WAY Inside Corner 5 Pack

As early as next month their new project will be released: a clip-on pouch! Look forward to an adjustable clip-on pouch that can hold up to twenty 3WAY Corners and other hand tools easily. Designed for tapers who usually do not have tool belts, you’ll always have enough hands to get the job done without setting down your tools or stopping to climb up and down a step ladder.

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If you’re looking for an easier way, get 3WAY!

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