Intro to the Level 5 Flat Box Combo

This Black Friday you’ll save up to 30% on Level 5 automatic taping tool sets; so if you’ve ever been curious about switching to automatic tools, now is the perfect time! Here’s a little bit about the Level 5 Flat Box Combo:

Level 5 Compound Pump with Filler



  • Modular: easy storage, cleaning, and repair
  • Made of aluminum
  • Angled handle for a higher raise - less strain on your back
  • Comes with a free filler!
  • Wrench included to change filler or tighten nuts 

Install handle by removing the pins, aligning the holes starting with the lower one. Insert pin and then do the first/front/higher one.

Hand tighten the nuts or use the included wrench then you can put in the filler and use.

Use: Put the filler nozzle into the front of the flat box and pump the joint compound out using the pump’s handle.


Release the quick latches and pop off tube for easy cleaning.

Remove the grenade pin on the foot for easy cleaning.

Be sure to use machine oil after cleaning to keep everything running smooth. Avoid sprays as they can damage the rubber components.

Level 5 10" Flat Box



  • Curved brass blade holder for feathering
  • Adjustable blade tension dial for fill to skim coats
  • Easy cleaning and repair
  • Light weight spring for reduced push force
  • White non-marring wheels won’t mark walls
  • Pop blade out to replace


Fill your flat boxes by pumping joint compound through the front of the box with the pump and nozzle. Add Level 5 “The Outsider Flat Box Corner Bead Finishing Kit” to your flat boxes to use them on outside corners. The extruded stainless steel pieces guide the box along outside corners for quick and professional outside corners.


Move the box along the wall or ceiling. The pressure you apply to the box as you move will push the plate down. This forces mud through the opening on the front and onto the drywall.

Turn the blade tension dial to adjust the amount of joint compound applied. The higher the number on the dial, the less compound is pushed out.


Lift the pressure plate to wipe the inside of the flat box clean. 

Pop out the blade to replace it.

Level 5 42" Box Handle



  • Extruded aluminum
  • Latches to any flat box
  • Immediate response on brake


Slide the handle around the screw on the top of the flat box and tighten the wing nut.


Squeeze the hand brake to lock the flat box in place. 


Wipe clean after use.

Level 5 L5T Flat Box Combo 4-604

Try out the Level 5 Flat Box Combo and watch your productivity increase! Bring one home this Black Friday.

See our website for instructional videos or check out Level 5’s Youtube page. Want to talk to a person? We’re waiting for your call! 

Check out this blog post for more details on cleaning your taping tools.



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