10 Products That Make Finishing Drywall Easier: Budget Friendly Edition

Top 10 Products Under $100

Looking to make your drywall experience faster and easier? There’s a tool for that! Here’s our list of the top 10 under $100: budget friendly products that make finishing drywall easier.

1. 3WAY Inside Corner

3WAY 10 PK

  • Get smooth inside corners in less time
  • Save on materials

Traditionally, 3 tapes overlapped would be needed in one 3-way inside corner. A perfect inside corner takes a great deal of experience and skill to create. With this product you can get the same smooth result in less time with less material consumption; saving you money!

2. Buddy Tools Mark N Guard - Professional Drywall Electrical Box Locator Tool

Buddy Tools Mark N Guard Electrical Box Locators

  • Easily locate electrical box
  • Cut around the electrical box without damaging drywall or wires

Avoid repairing mismeasured drywall cuts with the Buddy Tools Mark N Guard. Setting the Box Locator inside the electrical box not only shows you where the box is, allowing for easy measure-free cuts while also protecting the wires inside from damage. With this product there’ll be no more cut repairs or wire repairs needed.

3. Spysponge S1 Sample Bundle

Spysponge S1 Sample
  • Quality finishing sponge with built-in LED lights
  • See what you’re sanding without the eyestrain or shadows

Simplify your sanding experience with Spysponge. Its built in LED lights mean you can sand to perfection without eyestrain or shadows cast from bigger lights. The Sample Bundle comes with everything you’ll need including the finishing sponge, lights, and the batteries so you can get started right away!

4. Circle Brand Mini Drywall LifterCircle Brand Drywall Lifter

  • Lift full sheets of board up to 3”
  • Work faster and independently

Don’t let its size fool you - this tiny tool is a heavy lifter! This product enables you lift full sheets of board up to 3” high on the wall without needing any extra hands. Work faster and independently with the Circle Brand Mini Drywall Lifter.

5. Pica Marker for Deep Holes

Pica Marker for Deep Holes
  • Permanent alcohol-based ink marks on almost every dry surface
  • One-hand use frees up your other hand
  • Extended stainless steel tip for hard-to-reach areas

Not your average pen, the Pica Marker for Deep Holes will mark on almost every kind of dry surface with its permanent alcohol-based ink. With the quiver cap pen clipped onto your pocket, you can easily pull the pen out with one hand. The extended stainless steel tip makes marking in hard to reach spots a cinch! 

6. Never-Miss Colouring GelNever-Miss Colouring Gel

  • Yellow or blue gel to add to your compound
  • Colour rises when dry and sands away
  • Keep track of where you’ve applied compound and where you’ve sanded

Add Never-Miss Colouring Gel to your compound for better visibility. With either yellow or blue in your compound, you can keep track of where you’ve already worked and which spots need a touch up; as the applied compound dries the colour rises. This also helps when sanding as you can see which spots need more attention by there still being colour left. 

7. Profiler+ the Ultimate Scribing Tool

Profiler+ the Ultimate Scribing Tool
  • Trace form of the wall onto your drywall for a perfect fit with an irregular shape
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy transport
  • Adjustable pencil holder
  • Easy glide wheels

Get a perfect fit against any surface with this scribing tool! It traces the form of the wall with its precision tip onto your material so there’s no gaps and no difficult measuring. It has an ergonomic design and is small enough for easy transport and use in tight spaces. With an adjustable pencil holder and easy glide wheels the Profiler+ is the ultimate scribing tool.

8. Primeline Tools 33 LED Pivoting Worklight Rechargeable

Primeline Tools 33 LED Pivoting Worklight Rechargeable
  • 28 LED worklight and 5 LED flashlight mode
  • 6-7 hours run time
  • 180º pivoting magnetic base
  • Hanging hook
  • Rechargeable battery with AC and DC charger

Light up your work space with this set-it-and-forget-it worklight. Featuring a magnetic base and a hanging hook, it has a 28 LED worklight and 5 LED flashlight mode so you can free up your hands without compromising on lighting. It can be set up in various orientations with its 180º pivoting base for more variety. Recharge the battery after 6-7 hours of run time using either the AC or DC chargers included in the package.

9. Drywall Axe Measuring Tape & Cutting Tool

Drywall Axe Measuring Tape & Cutting Tool
  • Measure, mark, and cut with one tool
  • Increases speed and accuracy
  • Comes with a carpenter’s pencil and 4 extra utility blades in the handle

Increase your speed and accuracy with the Drywall Axe Measuring Tape & Cutting Tool. Measure out the length you need, lock it in place with the secure lock measuring tape and use the retractable utility blade to cut the same length all the way through! This product also has a carpenter’s pencil holder so you can mark before you cut. A carpenter’s pencil and 4 extra utility blades come included!

10. Trim-Tex 350 Chamfer Adapter - Mitre Marker

Trim-Tex Mitre Marker

  • Marks 90º and 135º for bullnose products
  • Saves time and ensures correct angle

Don’t sweat cutting a bullnose bead for 90º corners - use the Trim-Tex Mitre Marker instead! This product lets you mark 90º and 135º off-angle inside corners and alignment for doors and windows. Simply trace your desired angle and cut confidently knowing you have the right measurement.

Try out these budget friendly products and see how much smoother finishing drywall can be!


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