Level-Up your Skills: the Fresco Harmony How-To

Fresco Harmony comes to us from the south (New Mexico) and brings with it beauty and novelty. Whether you’re thinking of doing an accent wall or a whole house, Fresco Harmony adds interest to every wall it meets. It adds dimension with colour variations and movement through the path of your knife or trowel. Want to learn how to incorporate this skill into your toolbox? Follow the steps below!

Please note: Fresco Harmony formulated the Color Packs to use one per 3 gallon box of joint compound. However, using a 17L box of compound is okay too, the colour will just be slightly less bright.

Fresco Harmony Color Packs

Prep: Tape edges and put down drop cloths.
Tape the edges of adjacent walls to keep your lines crisp. You can also put a drop cloth down to protect the floors.

1. Mix: Shake then mix.
Mix your joint compound of choice in a 5 gallon bucket with 1 quart (0.95L) of water before adding the Color Pack. Once the compound is smooth, shake the Color Pack bottle and add it to the bucket. Then fill the colour pack bottle halfway with clean water, add that to the bucket and mix again. You want the colour to be even throughout.

TIP: If you’re mixing more than one batch, use the same kind of joint compound across all batches to keep everything consistent. You can keep leftover material sealed and reuse it!


2. Base coat: Apply your mixture. Work along the wall using abstract edges.
Apply your mixture with either a trowel or joint knife. Work with abstract, organically shaped edges to establish even movement across the entire wall. This ensures there’s no awkward break lines where the sections were worked. (Think puzzle pieces not quartered squares.) Don’t worry about being smooth with this one. We want ridges, we want texture!

TIP: Get creative! Let your technique shine through the strokes for a texture unique to your movement.

Fresco Harmony Texture

3. Second coat: Apply second coat once the base coat has completely dried.
Once the base coat is dry, apply your second coat. This time you want to pull the colour across tightly. Keep working in abstract swipes to get your desired look. Let this coat dry completely.

TIP: You can mix this coat a little thinner.

Fresco Harmony Second Coat

4. Top coat: Apply top coat sealer once your second coat has completely dried.
That’s right - no sanding! Simply apply the top coat of your choice. Use the same technique from the other 2 coats. Be sure to cover everything since this coat brings your work to life with a final, smooth sheen. You can choose any of these finishes: Gloss, Satin, Pearl, Smoke, Gold, and Warm Silver.

TIP: Fresco Harmony products encourage your creativity! We carry over 40 shades, but if you have another colour in mind, custom colours are also available! Please contact us for details.

Four steps is all it takes to bring the walls you work on to life!

Finished Fresco Harmony Wall

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